hi norton fans

welcome to the neuroshock idv: prospector!

learn about norton campbell RUGHT NOW!!!!

#1: the beginning

the miner would be born on march 19th. when he was 8, norton would start the new 20 years working in the mines. during the continuous 20 years of work, the sole of the man became desperate in the mines: his desperate soul wanted to get out of poverty. this would only cause the accident.

#2: accident

norton would met his father's old friend giving 13 locations for a chance of gold

campbell's list has all 12 locations crossed out excpet the name golden cave. finally having a chance for gold, he brought explosions to bring out the gold faster. in all of this, he set them off. norton campbell killed the miners working with him, he couldnt save anyone but himself or by luck of all means.

he is such a silly guy, love him

some of this might be wrong!